Structural Fire Protection, Acoustic and Thermal Insulation and Sealing

AcousticStoppingIntumescent paints are either water or solvent based, and can provide up to 2 hours of fire protection. They can be applied by either a spray methodology or by a roller or brush.
In addition to the intumescent coating there are a wide range of topcoat colours available to ensure all aesthetic needs and fire protection requirements can be achieved.

During a fire intumescent paints change their format from being a paint, that was applied to the steelwork, into an intumescent layer of carbonaceous char, which forms when the coating is subjected to heat.

BoardSystemsWe offer a full range of board systems to achieve up to four hours fire rating to structural steelwork. Our range extends from very inexpensive mineral fibre-boards, suitable for non-decorative areas up to highly decorative boards and casing systems .

FirestoppingFire stopping prevents the spread of fire and smoke through fire-rated compartment walls and floors. The fire stopping allows occupants to evacuate the building safely and slows down the spread of fire through the building for up to 4 hours.
OD Fire Protection has a full range of products which seal around the ducts, pipes, cable trays and movement joints to ensure the integrity of all compartments.

AcousticInsulationSound insulation is an important factor for various clients or one driven by legislation. OD Fire Protection will facilitate the achievement of the required sound reduction and decibel (dB) rating through the installation of acoustic blankets, barriers and seals.

picFireBarrierThere are various types of fire barriers that provide numerous levels of fire integrity and insulation depending on project requirements and specifications.
Fire barriers are generally installed within ceiling voids, roof voids or under flooring to provide compartmentation of structures and prevent the movement of smoke or flames.
OD Fire Protection is fully qualified to assist you cavity fire barrier requirements.

SoffitInsulationsCommercial and residential properties constructed above car parks can suffer from cold bridging through the separating structural steel.
OD Fire Protection can assist you with delivering the necessary U-value of your project by calculating the required thickness delivering a solution, which meets both performance criteria and aesthetic requirements within budget.
Depending on the circumstances, thermal insulation is applied in a rigid board system (mineral fibre or phenolic) or mineral fibre based sprays.